A Micro-Farm concession is where we provide a Farm Shop , Deli or other independent food retailer with direct access to our Hydroponic Urban Farming Equipment (groSTORE) to enable on-site growing of herbs, micro-greens and chillies. The growing unit can be a stand-out Point of Sale tool or located in a back-room. Having a micro-farm delivers a unique and desired produce to your food retail outlet which will increase your footfall and spend per head. 

We love the independent food retail sector, it’s something that we believe in. We also believe that as a society we should support the production of food as close to the consumer as possible and so increase nutrition, flavour and diversity whilst decreasing food miles and waste.

We want groLOCAL to provide a real point of difference for independent food retailers. Our partnerships with like-minded retailers are the key to our growth strategy. Supporting independent retail is essential to our communities and that means we want to support you.

When we say support we mean it. Tech support on the equipment, support on getting the best growing results and most importantly marketing support. Because of the way that our concession program is structured it is very much in our interest to bring more customers to your shop/website - We aim to get you more trade from pubs, hotels & restaurants as well as consumers. Above all else our support is probably the best reason to apply for a concession with groLOCAL.

We make no apology for being fussy about who we work with and the criteria to become a groLOCAL Concession is clearly set out below, so if you think you are the right type of partner for us then I look forward to working together for the long term as that’s what we’re all about.

The criteria:

1. You will currently be running an established food retail business that already stocks a substantial premium food offering. I am afraid that we can’t consider start-up companies unless advanced product range plans can be presented.

2. You agree to our commercial terms, which include;

  • Equipment Rental Charge: £29 per month.
  • A subscription to a minimum of 100 of “Just Add Water” seed punnets a month. Seed punnets typically cost £1.50 each and are ordered direct from our website at www.grolocal.co.uk/gropunnet
  • Micro-farm Delivery is calculated at £1.75 per mile from TN15 8JL to your shop location using Google Maps Driving Directions. Free collection is also available.
  • Seed punnet delivery is free on orders over £50

3. You must be willing to issue a Corporate Bond or Directors Personal Guarantee for the security, safety and return of the Micro-Farm equipment. 

4. Almost goes without saying, but we expect your retail environment to be tidy, clean, vibrant and well merchandised. Basically, it needs to fit well with groLOCAL’s premium positioning. We would appreciate it if you could attach three photographs to demonstrate this.

5. You have the footfall and suitable customer base to be confident of achieving at least £300 a month retail sales from the Concession.

6. You are significantly distant from other groLOCAL Concessions or groLOCAL outlets. (It’s only us that can decide on this once we have received your application). I am sure you will appreciate that we need to be loyal to successful existing customers.

If you ‘tick the boxes’ above and want to know more, then please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest in our brand.

img-7100.pngAbove: 6 shelf groSTORE with a capacity of 192 groPUNNETs

Dimensions: H 227cm, W 135cm D 57cm

The 5 shelf groSTORE stands to a height of 193cm with a reduced capacity of 160 groPUNNETs


Above: example of a "Just Add Water" groPUNNET multipack as delivered. Simply separate, spray with a little water, enclose with supplied lid, place on to the groSTORE and watch your produce grow.