2nd Week November 2016

We've picked up a few early adopters, one of whom is based down in Dorset at the Steeptonbill Farm Shop. Steve the owner loved the original samples that we gave him for him pub customers. They pretty much bit his hand off to get hold of the product. So this week we delivered the first paid for order and he doubled his order on the spot for the following week. Apparently Vegetarians and Vegans in particular love our produce because it has such delicious and intense flavor. Thanks Steve.

A further breakthrough, one of his customers is a Food Journalist for a National Paper and following a phone call it looks like she would like to visit the unit and writing about what we do. 

We also delivered 30 sample punnets to the UK's largest micro-green wholesaler this week! Fingers crossed that that goes well and we get a share of their 4000 units a day capacity.

Last but not least i want to tell you about our groTROLLEY - This little trolley and all the produce on it is free to use for any new customers that sign up to our Restock Program. That means we give you c.£60 of produce completely free for you to use or sell - in return we get to restock it each week with our produce and charge you just for the restock.