Five reasons why farm shops, garden centres, health food stores, market traders, and delis are choosing to grow their own microgreens

As health becomes a top priority for many, more people than ever before are looking at what they put into their bodies every single day. And as a result, the demand for superfoods such as microgreens has heightened. Interestingly many smaller businesses are now interested in capitalising on an opportunity that larger retailers have yet to grasp - they are choosing to grow their own superfoods. And here’s why:

It’s fresher

We all know that fresh produce is the best, but the simple reality is that the fruits and vegetables purchased from supermarkets are often not nearly as fresh as many think they are. In fact, as soon as a plant is harvested, it starts to lose its nutritional value. And within as little as three days, many plants have lost the majority of their nutrients. But according to research, the average time from harvest to shopping trolley at a supermarket is 4.5 days. Supplying living produce, stuff that’s still growing, can cut this down to minutes and have immeasurable health benefits.

It can help to create new product lines

Growing microgreens, herbs and chillies in-house results in a cheap source of ingredients to be incorporated into other items that you sell. However, selling the living plant stand alone can create an additional product range for your business and result in a considerable uplift in sales from the existing customers and pull in new ones. There are literally dozens of healthy nutritious products to offer customers, from Sunflower Shoots to Wheatgrass.

It can help a business to stand out

In this competitive business world, what makes you different can help your company to thrive. And thanks to the increased demand for healthier produce to consume, there have been more and more local food stores and delicatessens adding in-house grown microgreens, herbs and chillies as a great way to pitch them above their competitors and make sure they really stand out.

It gives strong margins

Microgreens in particular are typically very expensive for end consumers and catering businesses to source. Typically, £2.50 per 30g of cut produce and some retailers charging as much as £4.95 per 30g. This is due to a short harvest window, shortage of supply and because they don’t travel long distances very well. Growing microgreens in-house leads to big profit margins as with the right equipment and support retailers can cheaply produce these amazing foods.

Small businesses understand their customers better

No one knows a customer base like a small business. You will know what your customers like and what they don’t. So, when you know they love something a bit different, it’s simple to grow this for them to ensure they keep coming back. Likewise, if somethings not a great seller, simply phase it out and replace it with something that is!

How can retailers get on board with this opportunity?

groLOCAL are offering a 60 day no commitment trial to retailers. All the equipment to grow microgreens is supplied for a rental charge of £1 plus Delivery. Free support and training on how to grow microgreens. Your stock of initial seed, punnet and growing medium is supplied on a grow-or-return basis, as well. Just plug in and add water.