Written by David Charitos

Good eating habits aren’t about willpower they are more often about time, planning and convenience. Frictionless Food is about making the food that we should be eating as convenient as the food that we shouldn’t.

It’s the time required to plan, shop for, and prepare your meals that is probably killing your healthy diet.

Here are some tricks to help you to minimize the friction in your kitchen. Here goes.

6 Friction-Free Healthy Eating Tips

1. Serve your salad (and your family’s) right when you start cooking dinner. Now this is not a very British thing to do but it’s one of the key reasons why a Mediterranean diet is healthier. Since you’re hungry and the hot food isn’t ready yet (but the smells of it cooking are!), you and your family will nibble on more healthy salad because we generally can’t resist food when it's placed in front of us when we are hungry. Over time, increase the size of the salad, and reduce the amount you’re cooking.

2. Pre-portion out the dry ingredients for your smoothie (and your salad, too) into individual containers on the weekend. Then each morning — instead of having to grab and open five jars or bags of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and protein powder — you open one container, dump it into the blender, and move on to your other ingredients. Or to go one step further and just pull out one of groLOCAL’s Smoothie ingredient pouches which includes everything except the milk, juice or water. For more info. see Smoothie Pouches

3. Follow a “fruit first,” “salad first,” or “water first” rule before you indulge in something less healthy like pizza, coffee, beer, etc. This is where willpower is needed. But once a habit is created you will find it second nature. And big bonus, there’s no “missing out” on anything delicious — just a natural desire to eat a little less of it because your belly is already partially full.

4. Want to drink less caffeine, but love your coffee (and decaf’s just not the same)? Try an experiment like this one, and you’ll learn that mushroom coffee is not bad at all.

5. If you’ve tried and failed to go vegetarian, vegan, or whole-foodist (or harder, to get your whole family to do so), take it in baby steps. Pick a time in the morning and stick to your your ideal diet until then. As you get confident and build a string of successes, slowly move the cut off time further back in the day. After the cut off still keep going with the “fruit first,” “salad first,” or “water first” rule.

6. When your greens start to go, move them to the freezer to use for smoothies. Start with small amounts, and just pull them out whenever you need them for that extra nutrition.

groLOCAL has created a healthy range of ingredient pouches for Smoothies, Soups & Salads, so you don't have the fuss of planning for, shopping for and preparing for your healthy diet.

For more info. see Smoothie Pouches