the commercial groSTORE enables businesses such a Restaurants, Caterers, Sandwich Bars, Hotels and many others to grow their own produce in house. Certainty of supply and traceability are now key imparatives for modern hospitality businesses. The groSTORE enables the in-house supply of most leafy greens, herbs and micro-greens.

groLOCAL is a hydroponic urban farm project in LONDON SW17

Co-founders Laurie & David started building systems to grow produce for their client’s businesses like Restaurants, Sandwich Bars and Gastro Pubs. One day, they realised - Wow! these groSTORE's do a great job and there is literally nothing like them around... If only people could use them in their own homes they could produce most of their lifetime needs for foods like Lettuce, Pak Choi, Mizuna, Kale, Basil, Parsley, Pea Shoots, Wheat Grass, Spinach, Asparagus, Tomatoes, Peppers, Chilies, Strawberries and so so many more delicious vegetables 365 days a year in their own homes!

Not only that but the groLOCAL team, being gadget lovers, realised that many people would love all the technical options - skip the rest of the paragraph if you don't care about tech stuff :)) - including, lighting specs, distribution patterns, the combined Kratky & Flood and Drain system built into a single unit plus creating growing recipes using nutrients, humidity, temperature & light frequencies to increase yield and flavour.

Hydroponics is a seriously enchanting hobby. We love it and on top of everything else you get to eat the fruits of your labour and enjoy the praise and plaudits of your family and friends...oh... you'll save some money on your shopping bill as a bonus!

This groSTORE 4-Tier-Commercial Unit comes fully assembled and includes:

8 Valoya 23W LED Grow lights

36W Pumped Flood and Drain system fitted to all 4 tiers

Frame, Wheels and Outer Skin

Thermostatic 300W under tray heating system

Min/Max Temperature sensors and digital display

12 grow trays (555mm x 310mm x 55mm)

9 5.5in Kratky Pots

40 4in Kratky Pots

Starter groPack

Dimensions are (mm) H:2000 x W:1350 x D:570

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